1. What type of printing process is used?

2. Are the photos limited edition?

3. Are the photos authenticated?

4. Does the quoted price include shipping?

5. Where were the photos taken?

6. Have the photos been manipulated?

7. Is the photographer the same for all photos?

8. Can we use any of the images on this website?


1. Iris/Giclée Printing Process

Giclée (pronounced Zhee-Clay) is a French phrase originally coined in the 17th Century. It refers to a printing technique brought about by a machine called the Iris. In many circles the two words are used synonymously to refer to this printing process. The process requires that the substrate, such as paper or canvas, is carefully attached to a spinning drum while infinitely small droplets of archival inks are sprayed at a very high speed. This renders an amazingly smooth and consistent image - a Museum Quality Fine Art Reproduction. The fine art prints made on an Iris printer are made with high quality inks printed on fine watercolor papers or canvas.



2. Yes, unless otherwise specified, all photos are a limited edition of 45.



3. Each photo is stamped and authenticated on the back by the printer, Cook Editions.



4. No it does not. With heavy duty shipping tube each photo weighs about 2 lbs. Calculations for time and cost can be found at: UPS



5. All photos were taken at the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival dating back to 1990.



6. Not at all. Besides the usual burning and dodging that is done in any darkroom, no additional retouching or enhancements have been performed.



7. Yes, all photos were taken by John Glenn and copyrighted by JGlennPhotography.



8. No. This website, it’s design and the images are the copyrighted intellectual property of John Glenn and J Glenn Photography. You may not use, re-use, license, syndicate, publish, reproduce, post, blog, duplicate, sample, crop or alter any of the content without the express permission of the copyright holder.

Unless noted otherwise, all photographs are sold for personal use and the enjoyment of the buyer. Purchased images similarly may not be duplicated, re-used, published or reproduced without our expressed written consent.

We enforce our copyrights and will pursue all legal remedies under United States and international law to defend our property. If you wish to use the content for any purposes, please call or write for permission. Please specify the use intended, the audience, the context it will be used and other reasons that help us understand your intent. We will reply to all inquiries.


John Glenn is a commercial photographer based in Atlanta, Georgia. Please enjoy viewing his portrait, event, and commercial photography.